Bikertown, Texas

Roll in, cruise a bit, then pick a spot.

If you're tired or hungry, stop by the Big Bend Biker Hotel and stake your claim. Take a nap. Grab some coffee.

Alpine offers a lot -- if you can slow down enough to match the pace.

There's an odd assortment of places to shop and lots (relatively speaking) of places to eat, nibble, nosh, or dine.

We have Mexican food of course, plus Chinese, Italian, Thai, Cuban, Japanese, a few miscellaneous home-grown cuisines, a diner, the obligatory Dairy Queen, and Texas barbecue (if there's any left). They're all within walking distance, not that we're suggesting that.

Later there will be darkened places to sip a few, listen to some music, and snuggle, if you're so inclined.

The great thing about Alpine is that the local folks like to have a good time, and they want you to as well.

We've got a semi-pro baseball team, college football, rodeos, and lots of parades. We've got museums, art galleries, antique stores, live theatre, golf, dude ranches, and pretty good donuts. There's even a skateboard park.

You will find concerts, street dances, little league games, and even soccer. If necessary, we have an excellent selection of churches. You'll be welcomed.

There are sometimes deer on our downtown streets and javelinas, polecats, buzzards, and such, so be careful.

We have mechanics, rental cars, a hospital, an Amtrak station, a taxidermist, FedEx, UPS, a computer guy, a bellydance instructor, and an airport if you've brought your own plane.

There is no WallMart, no Starbucks, and no traffic. Enjoy.

And, we have gas stations. You'll probably want to stop by one before you hit the road because there are none to be found on the way to anywhere.

Stripes - 700 E. Ave. E. (24 hours)

Uncle's Gas - 2411 E Highway 90

Valero - 610 W Holland Ave .

Alon - 800 E. Ave. East

Valero - 2411 E. US-90

Shell - 901 E. US Hwy 90

Valero - 708 N. 5th St.