Yes, we see you out there, pedaling and pedaling and pedaling and pedaling.

Just so you know, while you're doing all that pedaling, we're getting your drink ready. So, when you get to Alpine, stop by the Old Gringo at the Big Bend Biker Hotel.

Anyone on two wheels is welcome, as is anyone on any other number of wheels.

In general, The Big Bend is an excellent place for cycling. We have nice flat roads, with charming little towns at both ends. We also have a few hills. Some of them go up and others go down.

We know that after a long day's ride (especially if you've been camping), you'll appreciate a nice room, a clean bed, and some air conditioning, but we think what you'll probably appreciate most (after your cool, refreshing drink) is a washer and dryer.

While we do have thousands of miles of interesting roads leading directly into Alpine, you may want to start small.

We have an Amtrak station only one block away. Put your bike on the train, then you can sleep. When the train stops in Alpine, just pedal over. We'll never tell.

Happily, we have a bicycle shop, too.

Bike Man - 602 West Holland Avenue